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Vibe Bio helps biotechs by funding & guiding high-potential drug programs through value inflection points. Our core is a community of scientists, patients, and partners that are dedicated to helping you find the promising treatments that patients deserve.

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The Problem

Biotech companies have promising technology and assets that could benefit patients. However, limited working capital, in many scenarios, inhibits the development of these programs to surpass their inflection points.

We can help you:

Fund additional drug programs

Limited resources force biotechs to focus on only a single program, halting progress on other, promising candidates.

Why should you be forced to put all your eggs in one basket?

Get pivotal data

The discovery process is unpredictable, frequently leaving companies in need of additional data to prove their concept.      

Why should you have to stop working, when the data shows that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough?

Respond to regulators and investors

Regulators like the FDA and VCs often require additional experiments to be done before allowing a program to progress, a grant to be issued, or new infusion of capital to occur.  These requests are expensive and unplanned.

Why should you be derailed when the finish line is in sight?

Our Approach

We’ve developed a new approach to biotech investing, called Inflection Point Financing.

You select service providers for critical experiments.
We make our investment decision quickly.
We can make an equity investment, or you can choose to re-pay Vibe Bio at the close of your next funding round.
Vibe Bio pays service providers to do the critical work you requested.