Diligence. Our diligence team will review the scientific & financial data under CDA to assess the fit for our financing model..

Financing. If we mutually decide to partner, Vibe Bio will then release funds & provide support for pivotal experiments and partners.

Connect. Biotechs meet with Vibe to discuss their most promising drug programs, upcoming milestones, and plans to reach the next value inflection point in the drug development lifecycle

How Vibe Bio Works

Our services & expertise

Scientific services

Access to experienced drug developers with deep domain expertise in:

Preclinical development, Program Management, Target ID, CMC, Clinical Development, Regulatory Affairs

CRO & services network

In vivo models, manufacturing, toxicology, others

Design & deck construction

Graphical design

Messaging review

Website improvements & content

VC feedback

Introductions to potential investors to obtain feedback on next round milestones


For too many patients with overlooked diseases, the time it would take to develop a cure is longer than the time they have left.

For the first time, we're developing and scaling treatments for rare disorders — and giving patient communities unprecedented control in the process. To do that, we partner with patient groups to develop treatments that otherwise would languish on a shelf. We leverage innovative sources of funding and build a community of scientists and fellow patients so that no one has to forge the path to a cure alone.


What is Vibe Bio?

Vibe Bio helps biotechs by funding & developing high-potential drug programs through value inflection points. Our core is a community of scientists, patients, and partners that help us identify and support these promising companies & treatments. Vibe Bio is funding and advancing projects that currently are not getting the funding and attention they deserve.

What is An Inflection Point?

Inflection Points in biotech are typically moments in time when a particular scientific, clinical, or business milestone has been reached that increases the company’s valuation, thus leading to the company’s next round of investment.

What is Vibe Bio
working towards?

Every patient with a life-altering disease should feel a part of a community with the power to pursue their cure. But too many patients with overlooked diseases are too often abandoned because the treatments they need are considered too costly and risky. Oftentimes, biotech companies need money to generate data, but investors want to see more data to feel comfortable investing, thus creating an unbreakable cycle.

Why Inflection Point Financing?

The biggest obstacle to treating patients with overlooked diseases isn’t finding them - it’s funding them. Unlocking capital is a critical step in propelling biotechnology companies toward pivotal inflection points in their development journey. As biotechs work tirelessly to improve the lives of millions, access to sufficient funding is essential to fuel their groundbreaking research, drive innovation, and accelerate the translation of novel discoveries into real-world applications. By providing strategic financial resources, we not only support the growth of these cutting-edge companies but also contribute to the advancement of the entire biotech ecosystem.

How does Vibe Bio review and vet projects before funding them?

Biotech companies can submit their proposals and work to our team. The Vibe expert diligence committee carefully reviews and vets all proposals that are submitted for review. Their assessments are synthesized and inform the feasibility and potential associated with proposed projects.

How do I partner with Vibe Bio?

We are always eager to connect with patients, families, advocates, scientists, biopharma companies, and others who are as passionate as we are about financing treatments for overlooked diseases. Please contact us here to let us know that you’re interested in working together.

How do I join the
Vibe Bio community?

You can join the Vibe community by joining our Discord or partnering with us. If you’re interested in working together or want more information about our model, please fill out this form.

What does it cost to participate in the community?

For patients and drug developers, there is no financial cost to support and participate in the Vibe Bio community.

How does the volatility of biotech impact your ability to fund drug development?

Vibe Bio has access to capital via community activities and dedicated funds, in addition to external investors.

Who does the actual drug development?

The drug development work is performed by experienced drug developers, scientists, contract partners (e.g. contract research organizations, contract manufacturing organizations), and medical establishments (e.g. for clinical trials).

Why are you focused on rare diseases?

1 in 10 Americans suffer from a rare disease. Vibe Bio is focused on rare diseases because of the urgent need for cures and because of the vibrant and motivated communities who are already organized in pursuing those cures. Vibe Bio is funding and advancing projects that currently are not getting the funding and attention they deserve.

What inspired this inflection point model for drug development?

When Vibe Bio founder Alok Tayi and his wife had their first child, she was born very sick and spent a long time suffering in the hospital. The biology behind her conditions is well understood, but there were no therapeutic options available to her. They felt frustrated and alone.

Through that experience, Alok connected with other families with sick children in the NICU and realized that the problem with drug development is not that we can’t find cures; it’s that we don’t have the funding to do it. That’s what motivated him to create Vibe Bio, which will give biotechs unprecedented access to unlock financing and a community to support them along the way.